Why Consider a Life Plan Community? Hear From Our Residents & Families

Cruise Ship on Land
“We chose The Estates because its great financial stability has allowed the community to thrive for over 30 years. We are especially pleased with the Life Plan Program. Since we enjoyed years of camping and traveling, we are very impressed with the variety and quality of the daily activities at The Estates! It's like a cruise ship on land!"
Flexibility & Freedom
“We LOVE it here! For us, there is a great deal of peace of mind knowing that our investment at The Estates is actually protecting our estate as we grow older, and since both of us are still active, we enjoy the flexibility of enjoying the amenities of The Estates with added freedom to pursue the things we love doing out in the Lakeland community.”
Low-Maintenance Lifestyle
“The Estates’ Move-In Coordinator, Patti, and the contractors worked closely with us to extensively renovate and customize our apartment to make it just right for two thorough, retired engineers. We enjoy our low-maintenance lifestyle and having more time and energy since The Estates provides so many services: move-in concierge, meals, transportation, housekeeping, maintenance (apartment, appliances, lawn, etc.). Best of all, should one of us need health care in the future, we won’t have to be separated.”
Abundance of Activities
“We love our spacious apartment, the abundance of activities, the good selection of food, the friendly residents and the availability of transportation offered for our convenience. We also love the beautiful property and the easy access to shopping, restaurants, banks and cultural and sporting events. The Estates has thought of it all.”
Low-Maintenance Lifestyle
“Our journey to The Estates at Carpenters began when we realized that our retirement plans were not complete until we had a plan in place for when we could no longer manage our daily routines – and for our future care. Maintaining the grounds and upkeep of a 47-year-old house grew to be too much for me to tackle. When we did the math, we realized that for essentially the same as what we were spending each month, we could enjoy the lifetime of security that The Estates offers.

Since our move, we have gained a whole new circle of friends that support us, and the staff makes the residents their number-one priority. We can honestly say that we have never been as worry-free in our life! We are provided daily opportunities for our physical, social and spiritual well-being in a safe and welcoming environment. What more could you ask?”
We Fell in Love
“We looked at several places here and in North Carolina. We fell in love with the place and the people. The continuing care really appealed to us knowing that if something happened to one of us, we would be at the same location and could still visit just by walking down the stairs. This love continues to grow every day, and it’s just awesome.”
A Safe, Carefree Lifestyle
“At The Estates, I discovered a more carefree life. No worry about house and yard care, no worry about leaving a vacant house to travel, no worry about being alone through sickness and health. Moreover, I found many opportunities here I would never have found otherwise: opportunities to travel near and far, to attend special events here and elsewhere to find new friends. And I found a beautiful, caring and SAFE community, skillfully and compassionately managed with the residents' well-being always in mind.”
Less Responsibility, More Travel
“Dorene and I look forward to less responsibility and more time to share with each other! We look forward to availing ourselves of the many amenities offered to its residents, especially the travel opportunities! Travel was always difficult with a stringent work schedule; now, the opportunities are endless with a life at The Estates!”