Florida Tax Advantages

Living in Sunny Florida Has More Benefits Than Just Warm Weather

Florida is a top resort and retirement destination—and there are plenty of reasons why. From tax savings and asset preservation to mild weather, The Estates at Carpenters in Lakeland offers retirement benefits you won’t find everywhere. 

While snowbirds flock to Florida when winter weather sets in, the truth is that the climate is ideal year-round. Average temperatures in Polk County are between 63 and 83 degrees, so you can enjoy consistently warm weather every month.

Equally important, financial incentives abound when you call Florida home:

  • Florida does not have a state income tax for individuals so you can continue to build your wealth. All wages and earnings are exempt.
  • Florida has no state inheritance taxes so you won’t have to pay state taxes on any money willed to you.
  • Florida has no estate tax so your estate is worth more.
  • Florida has no capital gains tax so your investments grow larger.
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