The Estates: A Lifecare Community

Experience Unparalleled Security & Value

Like everything we do at The Estates at Carpenters in Lakeland, FL, we do not compromise on providing quality health care. Our Lifecare community’s distinct advantage means you never have to give up the quality care you expect – no matter your care needs.

Uncover the Lifelong Benefits of Lifecare

Lifecare at The Estates at Carpenters is the most comprehensive senior living plan available. With a Type A contract, you’ll lock in a financial agreement that secures your residence, every service and amenity in our community, and a continuum of top-quality care if you ever need it.

Should you or your spouse ever require assisted living, skilled nursing, or rehabilitation services, you will receive those services within our community at the same monthly rate you are paying for independent living – potentially saving you thousands on future health care costs.

Best of all, in our care community, trained health care professionals provide support 24 hours a day. Our team includes a medical director, licensed nurses, nutritionists, rehab therapists, and wellness and social directors, and we’re also located near the acclaimed Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

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Want to Learn More About Lifecare and The Estates?

Check out our FAQs.

What Is Lifecare?

Research shows that about 70 percent of people 65 and older will need long-term care services at some point in their lifetime. Lifecare guarantees lifelong access to care within a senior living community while protecting your assets at the same time.

This lifetime of care includes independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care, and rehabilitation services. With Lifecare, should your health needs change, you can receive health care services at the same monthly rate you pay for independent living.

If you’re looking for a Lifecare community near you, with a range of living options, The Estates is a great place to start.

How Does Lifecare Protect My Assets and What Are the Financial Advantages?

The Estates at Carpenters is a Life Plan Community, sometimes called a continuing care retirement community, offering a Lifecare contract. With a Type A Lifecare contract, our senior living residents are guaranteed unlimited, lifetime access to care at rates that don’t increase significantly, even if health needs do.

With Lifecare, you’ll find a range of financial benefits, including:

  • Predictability. Lifecare locks in prearranged rates on all your care, no matter what level or how much you need. At predictable rates, you and your nest egg are protected from the ever-rising costs of senior care on the open market.
  • Refundability. With Lifecare, if you leave The Estates for any reason, a portion of your entrance fee will be refundable to you or your heirs.
  • Tax advantages. You may qualify for tax advantages, as your community entrance fee may be deductible as a prepaid medical expense. Check with your financial advisor for details.
Who Is Lifecare for?

Lifecare is only for individuals who move into independent living while they’re still healthy.

Can I Afford to Live at The Estates at Carpenters?

At The Estates at Carpenters, payment of a one-time entrance fee and an ongoing monthly fee guarantees access to a lifetime of health care at predictable costs. Without the protection of Lifecare, long-term health care costs can quickly and easily deplete a lifetime of savings. Lifecare can help protect your assets in retirement.

Contact us today to discuss the costs associated with a Lifecare community and how affordable it really can be.

What Are the Florida Retirement Tax Benefits?

Financial incentives abound when you call Florida home in retirement.

  • Florida does not have a state income tax for individuals, so you can continue building wealth.
  • All wages and earnings are exempt.
  • Florida has no state inheritance taxes, so you won’t have to pay state taxes on any money willed to you.
  • Florida has no estate tax, so your estate is worth more.
  • Florida has no capital gains tax, so your investments grow larger.


Does Medicaid Pay for Independent Living?

Unlike other types of residential care, such as assisted living communities and nursing homes, independent living communities do not provide assistance with activities of daily living or medical care. For this reason, independent living retirement communities are not covered by insurance like Medicare or Medicaid and are instead paid for out-of-pocket by residents.

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