5 Advantages of Retiring in Lakeland, Florida

When it is time to retire, many seniors are looking for an area with warmer weather, a more maintenance-free lifestyle, and access to an array of engaging opportunities and fun at every turn. This is what leads many older adults to Florida.

According to Cristine Royer, Director of Marketing and Sales at The Estates at Carpenters, a Life Plan Community in Lakeland, Florida, seniors, and their families choose Florida for many different reasons, but most often it’s because living in Florida is like a constant vacation. “Here, the weather is consistently warm, you never need to worry about shoveling snow or being confined to your home because of winter weather, and there’s always something fun to do,” she states. “All year long, residents of Florida can enjoy theme parks, lakes and beaches, different museums, fishing excursions and so much more. There are always opportunities to be active and different things to try around every turn.

“One of the best places to retire in Florida is Lakeland,” she adds. “Lakeland has a rich history, proximity to everything older adults want and desire, and has even been voted one of the top places to live in Florida! Our residents simply love this area and so do we, and we couldn’t be more proud to be located in such a wonderful community that enhances the lives of residents so much!”

Fun Facts & Advantages of Living in Lakeland

Why Lakeland? A Rich History & Small-Town Feel

As you may guess, Lakeland got its name from the wide range of lakes you can find – 38 to be exact – however, according to LAL Today, this almost wasn’t the case. The names Munnville, Redbug, and Rome City were also kicked around. Why? Abraham Munn was the founder of the community and helped to ensure its success through using his own money to build a railroad, a station for maintenance and repair in his town while convincing the South Florida Railroad to make it a stop on their line. As part of an April Fools’ Day prank, they shared the city would be renamed Redbug, also known as chiggers, because of how commonly they are found throughout hot and humid places like Florida. Rome City was also considered an option, although no one quite knows why!

An article by the U.S. News and World Report states that because of Lakeland’s location between Orlando and Tampa, it still provides a small-town feel where it’s easy to get to know your neighbors – but with easy access to the major attractions and entertainment of these larger cities, including beaches and theme parks.

It’s Completely Dog-Friendly!

National Geographic’s Traveler magazine has named Lakeland the most dog-friendly small city in America. This is good news for older adults whose pets are their babies! There are dog parks, multiple pet stores, and even dog-friendly shopping such as the Red Door Wine Market! Even better, The Estates at Carpenters is also pet-friendly, so if you are looking for a retirement lifestyle, an array of services and amenities, and the ability to keep living alongside your beloved friend, you’re able to!

An Array of Famous People Live Here.

According to another article by LAL Today, there are more famous people in Lakeland than you’d think! From athletes to actors and models, there are some famous Lakelanders you should know about!

  • Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens
  • Lindsey Alley, from How I Met Your Mother
  • Pro-Golfers Bob Murphy and Lee Janzen
  • Olympians Brooke Bennett, Rowdy Gaines, and Ken Brokenburr
  • Nascar Driver Joe Nemechek
  • Baseball players Chris Sale, Matt Joyce, and Gus Schlosser
  • Basketball player Tracy McGrady

It’s Growing Rapidly!

Lakeland is becoming a very popular place to move to. In fact, according to Lakelander, it’s ranked #9 on the U.S. News and World Report’s list of 25 Best Places People Are Moving To and #18 on Forbes’s list of fastest-growing cities!

Move to Florida and You Can Enjoy Tax Advantages!

According to Kiplinger, Florida is one of the most tax-friendly states for retirees. According to the article, there is no state income tax, and social security benefits and retirement income are not taxed. Permanent residents are entitled to a homestead exemption of up to $50,000 and seniors can also get a tax break. According to the article, there are also no inheritance and estate taxes.

If you or a loved one are considering retiring to Florida and are interested in the Lakeland area, visit us at The Estates. We would be happy to give you a personal tour and show you just how exciting retirement can be. Contact us today!

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With the security and peace of mind of Lifecare, it’s no surprise why The Estates at Carpenters is the right choice for a perfectly planned retirement lifestyle. Schedule a tour and talk to our residents and team about why Lifecare at The Estates at Carpenters just makes good financial sense! Discover the uncompromised retirement lifestyle you deserve. Schedule your visit today!

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