Protect Your Legacy: Proactive Retirement Planning

For years, you’ve worked hard to create the lifestyle you’re accustomed to and desire. Chances are, you’ve set money back, saved and invested wisely. When older adults retire, they often either want to maintain that lifestyle or even experience more, all while having money left for years to come and enough to leave for their family. To make this happen, it takes some proactive planning and careful consideration on how you want to spend your retirement years.

According to Jeanie Tini, Director of Marketing and Sales at The Estates at Carpenters, a Life Plan Community in Lakeland, Florida, planning can be made much easier by starting early. “Many seniors become stressed and upset when they think about retirement planning. This is often because the thought of the future can be uncertain. They may not want to think about future health care needs, may fear they won’t have enough money to retire or simply prefer to take life as it comes … but waiting until something goes wrong can leave you and your family with a mess,” says Jeanie. “Protecting your legacy by being proactive in planning can allow for older adults to give both themselves and their families the peace of mind they deserve for the future. After all, don’t you want to be in control of your own future instead of leaving it in the hands of someone else who may not know your wishes? Ensure you continue living the life you desire by planning for your retirement as soon as possible.”

Planning for the Future

When it comes to retirement planning, many people aren’t sure where to start. To help you protect your legacy, we’ve broken down some of the ways you can plan for your retirement and secure the future and peace of mind you deserve.

  • Consider what kind of lifestyle you’d like. Have you always pictured yourself retiring at home or do you desire the worry-free lifestyle that a Life Plan Community such as The Estates at Carpenters has to offer? When thinking about this, be sure to consider the costs of remaining at home versus moving to a Life Plan Community where there are an array of services, five-star amenities, gourmet dining, wellness programs and more included in your monthly service fee.
  • See how much you’ll need for retirement. If you’ve done the exercise above, you know how much it’ll cost to live at home, but if you’re considering a Life Plan Community, you will need to know how much it will cost to live there. Many communities have a one-time entrance fee and one monthly service fee – so you don’t need to constantly worry about multiple bills or planning for extra, hidden costs.
  • Don’t forget to think about health care! The price of health care is skyrocketing, leaving many seniors unsure of what it’s going to cost them when they need it – and if they’ll have enough to cover it. You can use our Cost of Care Calculator to estimate these costs.

The good news is that with a Lifecare contract such as The Estates offers, you’re protected from this uncertainty of risings costs – as you’ll pay the same monthly rate for healthcare services that you pay for your independent living apartment. You won’t need to guess what you’ll be paying as time goes on, and you won’t need to worry about an increase that you weren’t expecting. You know what your expenses will be into the future, allowing you to plan to leave money you’ve saved for you and your family.

  • Learn more about payment options. It’s no secret that retirement can be expensive. Consider all the different ways you can save and choose the right option for you. It can help to talk to an elder law attorney, financial advisor or even the team at The Estates to help choose the right option for you. Some of the most popular include retirement accounts, savings, insurance plans, home equity, stock market investments and more. You can learn more about these from the U.S. News & World Report.
  • Consider any tax advantages to further protect your legacy. Does the state you live in currently tax social security benefits and retirement income? Do they have inheritance and estate taxes? These can eat up your retirement savings as well, leaving less money for when you need it and leaving less for your family. Florida is one of the most popular states to retire to because of the tax advantages you can enjoy.

If you or a loved one are considering retiring to Florida and would like to hear more about how The Estates at Carpenters can help you with retirement planning, securing your assets and protecting your legacy, simply give us a call! We would be happy to help give you the information you need to plan a carefree, confident retirement and give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Contact us today!

Experience What It Means to Have True Peace of Mind

With the security and peace of mind of Lifecare, it’s no surprise why The Estates at Carpenters is the right choice for a perfectly planned retirement lifestyle. Schedule a tour and talk to our residents and team about why Lifecare at The Estates at Carpenters just makes good financial sense! Discover the uncompromised retirement lifestyle you deserve. Schedule your visit today!

About the Estates at Carpenters

The Estates at Carpenters is a life plan community offering worry-free independent living, assisted living and high-quality skilled nursing care and rehabilitation. For over 33 years, The Estates has provided older adults in the area with an active, engaging lifestyle filled with abundant choices and the amenities and services that make life easier. A lifestyle designed to keep older adults healthy and well today – and tomorrow.

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