5 Expert Tips for Selling Your Home in the Summer

Summertime is many people’s favorite time of year, but it’s not just the weather that heats up in the summer – so does the housing market! Summer is the prime time to both buy and sell a house for several reasons, and if it seems like “For Sale” signs are popping up everywhere, it’s because they are.

According to Jeanie Tini, Director of Marketing and Sales at The Estates at Carpenters, a Life Plan Community in Lakeland, Florida, if you or a loved one are thinking of selling your home, the time is now. “Many people decide to sell their homes in the summer for many reasons, but mainly it has to do with the number of buyers,” says Jeanie. “Many people tend to look for a home in the summer because curb appeal is higher, there is more of a choice in inventory, and there is typically less interruption in children’s lives because school is out of session. Summer can also be a great time for older adults to downsize and simplify with a move to a Life Plan Community making summer – and all of life’s seasons to come – more enjoyable! Enjoy a vibrant retirement lifestyle instead of tackling home maintenance, dealing with increasing home repairs, worrying about cooling a home, fretting over hurricane season, or worrying about rising costs – including those for health care! Not only can this give older adults peace of mind for the future, but it can also allow for financial security and freedom. If you’re considering selling your home, it’s best not to wait until summer is over, so you can experience all the advantages of a carefree, confident plan for retirement TODAY!”

Tips to Make Your Home Sell Like Hotcakes

Just because it’s a hot market doesn’t mean that selling your home in the summer is completely simple, though. Selling your home may come with a few challenges, but these expert tips from Realtor.com can help make it easier.

  1. Schedule open houses wisely. According to the article, because summers are so busy, it can make it difficult to schedule open houses and showings on weekends. Try to increase flexibility by hosting open houses or showings during rush hour to help increase the likelihood of selling quickly.
  2. Consider a unique open house theme. If you must host an open house during the weekend, the article states it might be smart to label it as a party or barbecue. Not only can this help to bring people out, but it feels a little less salesy. Serve refreshments, lower the pressure and schedule it for the late afternoon when the weather cools off a little for the best results.
  3. Make your outdoor space shine. Because summer is the season for cookouts, pool parties, and celebrations, make sure your outdoor areas are up to par. The article states that spending a little extra time highlighting your outdoor space by keeping it clean, making some light upgrades, and incorporating some colorful pieces to really make it pop and help your prospective buyers picture hosting get-togethers.
  4. Hold a block party. Getting your neighbors in on the action and hosting a block party can help potential buyers to really scope out the neighborhood, meet future friends and neighbors, and truly highlight the house. Some people may be more interested in touring the property and could be more likely to share it with friends and family, according to the article.
  5. Don’t underestimate the power of advertisement. Spread the word early and often about open houses. Post on social media sites, but also make sure you’re posting flyers and yard signs to attract those who are less plugged into their devices, as many people are busy with family and friends, traveling, and enjoying the weather.

By understanding what home-buyers are looking for and desire, it can help ensure your home sells quickly and you can be back to enjoying your own summer fun. For more information on showing your home, downsizing, or finding a lifestyle where you can have peace of mind and financial security, contact The Estates at Carpenters. We would be happy to help guide you in the right direction and show you how you can live an endless summer vacation, without lifting a finger! Contact us today at 863-279-4503.

Experience What it Means to Have True Peace of Mind

With the security and peace of mind of Lifecare, it’s no surprise why The Estates at Carpenters is the right choice for a perfectly planned retirement lifestyle. Schedule a visit and talk to our residents and team about why Lifecare at The Estates at Carpenters just makes good financial sense! Discover the uncompromised retirement lifestyle you deserve. Schedule your visit today!

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