Why You Should Stop Delaying the Retirement Lifestyle You Deserve

Many people can’t wait for retirement. They look forward to the day they can do what they want and enjoy the lifestyle they deserve. However, some don’t look at it the same way. They believe they won’t enjoy as free of a lifestyle, that they’ll be seen as “old” or that they won’t see their friends and family as often … after all, they don’t need care, so why would they move to a retirement living community? Truth be told, this is not at all what Life Plan Communities such as The Estates at Carpenters are all about! In fact, The Estates offers a rewarding lifestyle where older adults have a myriad of opportunities to not only continue – but enhance – their active, on-the-go lives!

According to Cristine Royer, Director of Marketing and Sales at The Estates at Carpenters, a Life Plan Community in Lakeland, Florida, older adults should take advantage of the retirement lifestyle they deserve sooner rather than later. “There’s so much to look forward to in retirement living that you simply can’t experience until you stop delaying it,” she says. “From an array of cultural and educational opportunities to first-class amenities to new experiences with new friends and travel … there’s so much to enjoy. Best of all, residents at The Estates benefit from a maintenance-free, worry-free lifestyle … with complete peace of mind for the future with healthcare available right on-site, if it would be needed.”

What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t let fear, uncertainty, or confusion stop you from experiencing the lifestyle you deserve! Instead, consider some of the reasons you should “take the plunge!”

  • You can enjoy it long before you need care. Life Plan Communities like The Estates at Carpenters offer all levels of care – independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care; however, one of the best parts about this type of community is the vibrant lifestyle full of activities, amenities, and services right at your fingertips! So, while you know care is available for the future – if and when it is needed – you can enjoy flexibility and freedom in daily life. Forget home maintenance, cooking, and yardwork … and instead spend your days as you wish, engage in a full, meaningful life with everything you need to enjoy it! Moving sooner means you have that much more time to enjoy everything life at The Estates has to offer.
  • Financial security eases your mind. Not only are there tax advantages to living in Florida, but with Lifecare at The Estates, you can protect yourself from the uncertainties of bills and skyrocketing costs of care! Talk to our residents and team members about why Lifecare at The Estates at Carpenters just makes good financial sense!
  • You want to make more friends. There are so many interesting people to meet at The Estates at Carpenters. From world travelers to scholars and more, there’s sure to be someone who shares your interests and passions … and plenty of fun conversations to be had! Remaining socially engaged and building meaningful relationships with others is one of the greatest things about moving to a retirement living community. You’ll always have someone to chat with in the bistro or take a trip to the golf course with!
  • The thought of exploration makes you happy. There are endless things to do in Lakeland, and it’s so close to major theme parks, beaches, and more! Better yet, keep traveling. Thanks to our retirement lifestyle, you have the freedom to do so, while knowing your home and belongings are safe with us.
  • You Have a Focus on Wellness in Daily Life. Life Plan Communities like The Estates at Carpenters have a strong focus on providing opportunities for wellness – in body, mind, and spirit. At our community, wellness programs are interconnected with everything we do – from a state-of-the-art fitness center (with a full-time personal trainer on-site!) and nutritious, chef-prepared meals to lifelong learning, cultural events, and spiritual opportunities. We focus on providing wellness for the whole person.

For more information about how to achieve the retirement lifestyle you deserve, or to hear more reasons why you shouldn’t delay, contact The Estates at Carpenters today! We would be happy to talk to you about everything we offer, how our prime location in Lakeland can put you at the center of everything you desire, and more! Contact us today to learn more at 863-279-4503.

Experience What It Means to Have True Peace of Mind

With the security and peace of mind of Lifecare, it’s no surprise why The Estates at Carpenters is the right choice for a perfectly planned retirement lifestyle. Schedule a tour and discover the uncompromised retirement lifestyle you deserve. Schedule your visit today!

About the Estates at Carpenters

The Estates at Carpenters is a Life Plan Community offering worry-free independent livingassisted living, and high-quality skilled nursing care and rehabilitation. For over 30 years, The Estates has provided older adults in the area with an active, engaging lifestyle filled with abundant choices and amenities and services that make life easier. A lifestyle designed to keep older adults healthy and well today – and tomorrow.

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