10 Benefits of Staying Socially Connected, Active and Healthy as You Age

We all want to have the best time of our lives when we retire and we often take great pains to get there as healthily as we can, but did you know that there are far more benefits to staying socially connected, healthy and active as you age rather than just helping you to have the best retirement possible?

“At The Estates, our residents reap the benefits of good health, active social lives, and connection each day,” says Cristine Royer, Director of Marketing at The Estates at Carpenters, a Life Plan Community in Lakeland, Florida. “They know how important it is to their health and well-being, as well as their happiness as a whole. This is why we provide an array of ways they can connect with others, enhance their social activities, focus on their wellness, and increase their ever-active lifestyles! We love knowing how our residents thrive because of these benefits and we want them to continue embracing life each day while enjoying everything retirement has to offer. We also believe that other retirees should know of these benefits so that they, too, can enjoy healthy, connected lifestyles throughout their lives, helping to make each day happier and more exciting than those before it!”

Staying Connected… and How to Start!

While embracing a socially connected, active, and healthy lifestyle may come naturally for some older adults, many do not know where to start. We are here to help! Consider some of the following benefits and try some of our practical tips for taking steps toward the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of!

  1. Social connection and a healthy lifestyle can improve your mood! The healthier and more connected you are, the more likely it is you’re happier, feel like you have a purpose to fulfill, and enjoy connecting with others. Make plans to do things with friends that bring you joy. Start a book club, go out on the town or even just chat about the good times you’ve had over lunch. This can help you to feel more grateful, improve your mood and enhance the connections you have with friends.
  2. Socialization can decrease the risk of depression. If you are isolated, don’t have many friends or family members around, or are unable to connect with others, it’s easy to feel down or depressed. If isolation and depression occur, your health, happiness, and well-being can decrease. Schedule a time with friends and family once a week for dinner, enjoy the lifestyle at a local senior center or spend time volunteering in your local community.
  3. Good physical and emotional health can improve cognitive function. As we shared, if we are socially connected, we are happier and more likely to be healthier. This includes brain health. Getting involved can improve your emotional health while joining clubs, learning new things, and enjoying new hobbies can help to improve your cognitive function, decreasing the risk of dementia and strengthening your brain health.
  4. It can boost your immune system. A healthy lifestyle often means a healthy body. When we are health-conscious, we are more likely to choose foods that are better for us, take care of our bodies, and stay active. This not only keeps us well but also helps to boost our immune system. Try to exercise a little each day and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. It can also help to talk to your doctor about multivitamins!
  5. Nutrition can have a positive impact. The more social we are, the more likely we will choose healthier meals or even host dinner parties for friends! Try a new, farm-to-table restaurant with a friend, research what new, healthy foods you can try, or host a brunch or dinner party with some delicious and healthy food selections.
  6. It can decrease the risk of falls. The more you exercise, the more you strengthen your body, improve your stability and enhance your balance. This not only makes trip hazards less dangerous and debilitating, but it can also decrease your risk of harmful falls, as well. Try starting an exercise class, practice yoga, or try out taichi!
  7. Doors to new possibilities can be opened. When you meet new people and make friends, you may discover some new things you want to try or uncover new talents you never knew you had. Take a class, pursue lifelong learning, travel and enjoy meeting all the new people you can!
  8. You can expand on your passions and hobbies for longer. To live your life as long as possible, explore all there is to offer, and enjoy everything the world has to give. Shake the dust off your old musical instrument, get your canvasses back out, or get back into volunteering!
  9. Independence can be maintained better over time. The healthier you are, the less likely you’ll need someone to provide care for you before you are ready. Try to focus on your health as well as improving your physical and mental abilities so you can remain independent for as long as possible.
  10. You may even live longer. While this may seem obvious, it’s important to note that the healthier you are, the less likely it is you’ll be plagued by chronic diseases, depression, harmful falls and so much more! Spend time each day connecting with others, getting active, and focusing on your health and wellness!

Experience What It Means to Have True Peace of Mind

With the security and peace of mind of Lifecare, it’s no surprise why The Estates at Carpenters is the right choice for a perfectly planned retirement lifestyle. Schedule a tour and discover the uncompromised retirement lifestyle you deserve. Schedule your visit today!

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