Spring Clean & Spring Clear: 5 Signs You’re Ready to Downsize This Season

Spring is on its way and with it comes the desire to clear out, purge the old and make everything seem fresh and new. While this is a desire for many, many older adults tend to take this time to consider if it’s time to begin a bigger downsize in preparation for a move to retirement living.

“With the start of a new season, it becomes the perfect time to refresh, downsize and plan for the future,” says Cristine Royer, Director of Marketing at The Estates at Carpenters, a Life Plan Community in Lakeland, Florida. “It doesn’t feel like too much of a painstaking task to go through your things when you can open up the windows, play your favorite music and have the right, happy mindset! At this point, many begin to think of all the benefits they can enjoy with a move to a Life Plan Community, including everything from a fresh, new lifestyle to less worries, more freedom and an even more enriching experience.”

“Something about spring just sparks this conversation,” she adds, “and this often becomes the time when it becomes a more serious consideration for older adults. It seems that the more they think about it, the more it begins to sound like a smart plan for the future, and they realize their readiness! After all, the retirement lifestyle they’ve dreamed of truly is within their reach – and it’s the perfect time to make a change!”

Signs You Are Ready to Spring into Downsizing This Season

While many retirees question if they are ready to downsize, below are a few signs that it might just be in your near future! If you notice that you fit one or more of these signs, consider it a good time to put a spring in your step and get to work!

  1. You are ready to make some more space for what you love. If you feel like you are drowning in possessions and clutter, and instead want to showcase the few items you love while getting rid of items that serve you no purpose, it’s definitely time to downsize. Go from room to room, find items that make you the happiest and find a place for them while removing anything that doesn’t bring you joy, make you laugh or serve a purpose. If you find you’re getting rid of far more things than you expected, keep downsizing; it could be a sign you’re ready to part with the lifestyle you once enjoyed but no longer desire.
  2. Stuff doesn’t excite you as much as experiences do. Do you find yourself going through old photographs and missing the fun you had? Do your mementos from trips you’ve taken make you miss going to the places you once loved? Do you find your old favorite possessions don’t make you as happy as they once did? If so, it’s time to let go of what is holding you back. Instead, downsizing and making the move can allow you to experience those feelings of fun, take more trips, have more new experiences and enjoy life to the fullest!
  3. It’s time for a change. After a long winter of being cooped up, or after a season of not embracing everything life has to offer, you may find yourself wanting to do something new, exciting and different. This is often what sparks the desire for a move. From engaging experiences, new friendships, a blank slate to decorate according to your preferences and so much more, the changes that a Life Plan Community can provide makes retirees’ desires to downsize even greater! If you find yourself wanting to experience something new, it’s likely time to ‘rightsize your lifestyle’!
  4. You don’t even want to try to tackle yard work and home maintenance. Taking care of housework, maintenance and even the smallest of yards can feel tedious, painstaking and downright annoying. If you’re tired of doing it yourself, hiring someone else to do it or just feel like letting things go, it’s probably a great time to downsize. At The Estates, we take care of all of it for you so you can simply enjoy everything you want to do while letting go of the things you don’t!
  5. Home just doesn’t feel like home anymore. Does your home feel too quiet? Do you have less visitors than you used to? Are there too many empty rooms you simply don’t use or are they simply filled with clutter? If so, you are not alone. Many older adults find that their homes are too big for what they need or that they are spending less and less time at home because they are busy enjoying new experiences and places, visiting friends or spending time with their families where they live. This often makes them realize that home isn’t necessarily where they are, but who they are with, increasing their desire to downsize and move to a senior living community where they can enjoy days of engaging programming, socialization and the possibility of creating a newhome.

To learn more about springing into action for a move to The Estates at Carpenters, or for more information abouthowwe can help to make downsizing, moving and preparing easier, contact us today. We can not only share our personal tips, but we can help you learn more about all the services we can make available to you to ensure a smooth, seamless and worry-free move! Contact us today at 863-279-4503.

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