Everything You Need to Know to Stay Connected in Lakeland

Connection is important at any time; however, during the unprecedented times of COVID-19, it may be more important than ever to find ways to connect with others, enjoy the things you love and keep yourself or a loved one busy. While you may be wondering how to do that while remaining at home and socially isolated, there are actually a number of ways and resources that can easily help you make the most of your time at home.

“If you are self-quarantining it may be getting boring for you, especially if you’re active, thrive on socialization and are used to connecting with others; however, it’s crucial for both the health of yourself and others within the community. This is why knowing what resources are available and how you can stay connected is increasingly important,” says Cristine Royer, Marketing Director at The Estates at Carpenters, a Life Plan Community in Lakeland, Florida. “Knowing what resources, virtual activities and more are available to you can make all the difference in your happiness, connection and health. After all, sitting idle and a lack of socialization can be detrimental, as can worrying about yourself and your loved ones. By connecting, using what you have available and trying to make the most of the situation, you can make this time easier, less lonely and more fulfilling.”

How You Can Stay Connected in Lakeland, in Spite of COVID-19

If you’re looking for new ways to connect, different things to do or want to know what resources are available for you in Lakeland, consider some of the following!

    1. Enjoy one of the many parks. Exercise is important to keep your body and mind healthy. If you are going to venture outdoors to exercise, take a mask and try to stay away from others. A picnic lunch for you and those close to you may be a good idea to get you outside and enjoying the fresh air.
    2.  Add a new podcast to your playlist. The Lakeland area offers a range of local podcasters for you to listen to. Whether you want to learn a new skill, discover more of Florida’s delicious foods, hear about popular music or even what’s happening around Lakeland, there is an option for you!
    3. Use the library from home. If you are not yet ready to visit the library in person, you can still enjoy them! Many libraries offer digital books and audiobooks, music and magazines, comic books, movies and more as long as you have a library card. Check out this guide to see how to connect with Lakeland’s library.
    4. Join a Facebook group. If you like to socialize with others and would like to talk about things you enjoy, how you pass time or your hobbies, consider joining a local Facebook group. These can help you to meet new people virtually, find different things to do in the area and can perhaps help connect you to new things to try or discover.
    5. Grab takeout from somewhere you’ve never tried. The Lakeland area has a multitude of restaurants and cafes that offer some of the best dishes out there. Order takeout from somewhere you’ve never been before, a place you’ve always been interested in trying, or simply input restaurant names into an online list randomizer and let them choose for you!

For more tips and information about how to stay connected during COVID-19, contact the team at The Estates. We would be happy to share ways we are helping our residents through this time while providing you with additional ideas you may not have thought of. As always, we are here for you and hope you are remaining safe, healthy and well.

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