How Perception Affects Aging

We’ve all heard the expression that “age is a state of mind.” But how true is that actually? Most of us can point to someone we know who acts and seems years younger than their actual physical age. We also know people who are the exact opposite. So what’s the secret? Why do some older individuals thrive while others don’t?

“There have been a lot of studies done about how our minds, emotions, and attitudes are linked to aging,” says Jeanie Tini, Director of Marketing and Sales at The Estates at Carpenters, a Life Plan Community in Lakeland, FL, that offers Lifecare. “It turns out that our bodies often believe what our brains tell them – and if the brain is saying that you’re an active and healthy individual who can do many things, you are more likely to be an active and healthy individual who can do many things.”

While the mantra of “think happy thoughts” may seem simplistic, Jeanie says that perceiving age really is a state of mind. “Think of it as a life philosophy, or a self-fulfilling prophecy,” she explains. “People who approach the idea of aging as something that’s positive and should be celebrated end up focusing on the positives of getting older and enjoy this phase of life to the fullest. On the other hand, people who feel negatively about getting older and focus on the downsides end up acting their age or older.”

Looking on the bright side of aging can be simple, but it may take practice for some individuals. Here are several tips for helping approach your golden years with a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and a positive attitude.

Forget everything society tells you about being older.

Our society cherishes youth and constantly bombards us with the idea that getting older means you’re becoming obsolete and unwanted. But you can thank the Baby Boomers for causing a huge paradigm shift that we’re now starting to see throughout movies, advertising and so much more. Instead of focusing on the negative signs of aging, such as health issues, wrinkles, gray hair and not being able to do certain things, focus on the positive aspects of aging – a better sense of self, a stronger financial footing, better emotional intelligence and wisdom that comes from years of experience.

Take care of yourself.

Feeling good is incredibly important when it comes to having a positive approach to aging. And it’s never too late to take charge of your health. People who remain forever young understand that although they can’t do all the things they may have been able to do as a youngster, they can still do everything they can to remain in the best shape possible – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Get enough exercise, eat a healthy diet and do something every day that inspires you, and you’ll be amazed at how young you feel.

Stay curious.

Just as our bodies need exercise, so do our brains. Staying curious and constantly looking for new opportunities to learn will help keep your cognitive functions nimble and youthful. Even individuals with cognitive issues can benefit from fulfilling activities that are interesting and engaging. Older adults who remain youthful are often involved in opportunities and activities like volunteering, learning an instrument, mentoring others, and even going back to school. By keeping your brain active and your curiosity engaged, you’ll be more interested in the world around you, have more energy and a higher zest for life.

Dream big.

Just because you’re older and retired doesn’t mean that your life is over. In fact, in one way it’s just beginning. There is so much excitement waiting for you now that you have the time and resources to chase your dreams. So what would you like to happen this year? Next year? Five to ten years from now? Having goals and a destination in mind will help you be excited about getting older and chasing your dreams. The opportunities for growth and fulfillment are endless, especially when you no longer have to manage a career or raise a family.

Stay socially connected.

Humans are social creatures, and staying emotionally connected to friends and family is good for us in more ways than one. Studies show that individuals with strong relationships and social ties have a 50 percent higher chance of living longer (and better) than isolated individuals. Plus, if the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that being with the people we care about is one of the most important things ever – if not the most important thing.

Aging Is a State of Mind at The Estates at Carpenters

Perception is everything when it comes to aging, and at The Estates at Carpenters, we’re changing perceptions of what it means to age, every day. Our residents enjoy an uncompromised retirement lifestyle dedicated to wellness in all its dimensions. Every detail of our community inspires an active lifestyle – from our abundant amenities and stimulating programs to our serene setting and energizing atmosphere.

At The Estates, life is filled with choice, flexibility, and convenience. Residents enjoy a dynamic social calendar filled with activities and events for every interest. From lifelong learning and hands-on classes to wellness programs, cultural events, and outings, life-enrichment opportunities are endless. Our maintenance- and worry-free lifestyle provides our residents with all the time in the world to explore new interests and engage in everything that makes life enjoyable.

Since we’re a Life Plan Community, we provide a precious resource when it comes to aging gracefully – peace of mind. Our residents can relax and know that they will always be cared for, no matter how their health needs change, because we offer a full suite of services on-site. And that peace of mind, and the positivity it brings to aging, is priceless.

About The Estates at Carpenters

The Estates at Carpenters is a Life Plan Community offering worry-free independent living, assisted living, and high-quality skilled nursing care and rehabilitation. For over 35 years, The Estates has provided older adults in the area with an active, engaging lifestyle filled with abundant choices and amenities and services that make life easier. A lifestyle designed to keep older adults healthy and well today – and tomorrow.

For more information on The Estates or to RSVP to an upcoming event, contact Jeanie at 863-279-4503 or visit our website.

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