The Benefits of Retirement Hobbies

Aside from providing a way to fill the hours after work, hobbies have numerous health benefits. For active older adults, this is especially true.

Hobbies reduce stress and improve brain function. In fact, many active older adults find that participating in a hobby keeps them physically active and helps to combat the effects of aging. A hobby can be enjoyable and enriching, allowing for greater social interaction, or it can bring a different kind of personal fulfillment.

Many active older adults report that they experience stress in retirement. This is usually the result of a change in lifestyle, resulting in a lack of income. A hobby, whether physical or mental, can provide a way to reduce stress. This is especially important for people who are not yet ready to retire. Aside from reducing stress, retirement hobbies help active older adults connect more deeply with the world around them.

Read on to learn all about the benefits of senior living hobbies at a Life Plan Community like The Estates at Carpenters.

A Happier Retirement Lifestyle

Choosing a hobby – or hobbies – that you love can help you live a happier life. In a senior living community like ours, where an active lifestyle is the norm, older adults stay healthy with multiple dining options and a full calendar of events.

A hobby can give you an outlet for creativity, and it can also make you feel happier. Aside from the mental health benefits of retirement hobbies, these activities can increase lifespan. Contrary to the common picture of retirement living, active older adults don’t have to spend all their time playing bingo or canasta. By pursuing a hobby, you can be more active and live a fuller life.

Taking up a hobby can also improve your mood. Studies have shown that people who pursue hobbies in their later years have more happiness, healthier minds and better hand-eye coordination than their peers. Our services and amenities allow you to live your best life, day in and day out, giving you peace of mind while you refine a new sense of purpose.

Senior Living Hobbies and Activities

Here are some of our favorite senior living activities and hobbies:

  • Volunteering. A great retirement hobby, volunteering is a good way to get involved with worthwhile causes on the local level. Older adults may find that their community already has a mentor or volunteering program in place.
  • Birdwatching. No matter where you are in the United States, there are beautiful birds to watch. Retirees can start a local club and gather with friends on the community grounds to watch the birds.
  • Yoga and Tai Chi. In addition to being good for the body, yoga is also good for the mind. This exercise helps to strengthen core muscles and minimize hypertension and stress. The great thing about them is that anyone can try, no matter their level of knowledge.
  • Learn a Musical Instrument. The more areas of your brain you keep active by learning a new skill, such as playing an instrument, the happier your daily life is likely to be. Check your local bulletin boards for group play sessions!
  • Sudoku and Crosswords. Memory and concentration are improved with crossword puzzles and sudoku. It has been found that these puzzles can delay, or even prevent, memory loss in certain retirees.

Having a hobby you enjoy will help you stay active and happy. It will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone while keeping you mentally fit, happy and engaged. An often forgotten step in retirement planning, finding a community that meets your lifestyle needs is an important part of wellness and an enjoyable retirement.

Explore Your Hobbies at The Estates

We offer everything you need for a full and happy life at The Estates at Carpenter’s. This starts with our Lifecare agreement, which includes a range of services and provides access to numerous amenities at The Estates.

You can explore your passions and learn new skills in our art studio, knock a few around in our billiards room or kick back with a good book in one of our two libraries. You can also sharpen up your talents in our woodworking shop or indulge your inner computer whiz in the technology center.

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