3 Ways Senior Living Communities Benefit Active Older Adults

Many people associate senior living communities with older adults who need assisted living or skilled nursing care. By the time they begin looking at options, they may have missed out on the spectrum of benefits senior living has in store for independent adults.

While long-term care is part of what’s offered at a Life Plan Community, also called a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC, this understanding overlooks the many rewards it offers active seniors who would thrive in a more carefree and engaging lifestyle. Life Plan Communities like The Estates at Carpenters are full of amenities, conveniences and opportunities that could improve your quality of life right now.

Continue reading to discover three reasons why now is the best time to move to a Life Plan Community.

You Can Improve Holistic Wellness

Senior living communities are places where older adults thrive, with amenities designed to promote holistic health.

This means the community is set up to support your physical health along with all other aspects of wellness. There are social opportunities, programs to encourage personal growth, services to address spiritual health, and activities to boost your mental health.

Some examples of what you can expect are:

  • Cultural events and lectures
  • Special interest classes
  • Social events and gatherings
  • Walking trails, putting green, and dog park
  • Exercise classes and personal training
  • Access to on-site clinic

To ensure the most customized experience, it’s best to move to a senior living community sooner rather than later. You’ll have the time to explore all your options, and once you’ve made your choice, you’ll have more time to enjoy everything the community offers. You’re also more likely to be able to branch out into the larger community like you’re accustomed to doing.

You Stay in Control of Your Choices

You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it. Some older adults delay the decision to move into senior living until they need additional care or support. There are risks involved if you wait for a life disruption to force you into a rushed decision.

When you’re experiencing a decline in health, you may not be in the best position to make choices about your next home. This crisis might create an accelerated timeline or a stressful situation that limits your ability to make a fully informed decision.

Furthermore, some Continuing Care Retirement Communities require that residents enter their community through independent living. If you wait, there’s a possibility you may not have the same options you have today.

Moving into a community often requires you to sell your home. It takes time, energy and careful planning to secure the greatest value for your house. Therefore, you’ll want to complete this process on your timeline when you are able to supervise it being done in the most beneficial way.

Choosing your ideal senior living community when you’re in good physical health puts you in the driver’s seat, and it can provide you with peace of mind knowing you’ve made a good choice that secures your future care.

You Can Have Access to a Continuum of Care

Continuing Care Retirement Communities – also referred to as Life Plan Communities – offer levels of care to residents as their needs change. They often have health care options available on site and licensed medical professionals on staff.

“At The Estates at Carpenters, residents have access to assisted living, skilled nursing care and rehabilitation,” says Cristine Royer, Director of Marketing and Sales at The Estates at Carpenters. “Our Lifecare contract option ensures your future care while keeping your monthly service fee stable. This means you can have financial predictability, estate protection, and an assurance that you’ll receive the care you need.”

Life Plan Communities often extend residents’ independence by facilitating activities, meals and events designed for overall health.

Welcome to Uncompromised Senior Living

By moving into The Estates at Carpenters, you can simultaneously invest in your future care and upgrade your current independent lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see how our floor plans can help you make the most of your retirement.

The Estates at Carpenters is a not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offering independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care and rehabilitation. We provide a full continuum of care and a unique advantage to Lakeland and surrounding Winter Haven, Florida, area retirees. Come visit our community near the renowned Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center.

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