6 Ways Senior Living Communities Promote Health and Wellness

Studies show that a healthy lifestyle is critical to aging well.

Health and wellness programs are becoming increasingly important to senior communities. In fact, by 2023, at least two-thirds of senior living communities will have holistic wellness practices at their core. It’s possible for seniors to lead a holistic lifestyle in a senior living community. This includes providing a safe environment, serving nutritious meals, facilitating social engagement, and offering access to a variety of physical activities.

Read on to learn about the benefits of senior health and wellness programming with six trends that promote health and wellness.

The Benefits of Health and Wellness Programming in Senior Living Communities

Every aspect of a person’s life is affected by their health and wellness.

To stay mentally, physically and spiritually healthy throughout your life, you should consume the right foods, exercise regularly, be aware of your mental health needs, and maintain a positive attitude. With robust wellness programs, The Estates at Carpenters helps residents achieve their health goals.

6 Senior Living Trends That Promote Good Health

The trend of wellness and holistic health is on the rise among the ever-changing landscape of senior living. Some of these trends include:

  1. Wellness Amenities

In most senior living communities, wellness classes are now incorporated into the daily schedule, which includes things like chair yoga, water aerobics, tai chi and stretching. At The Estates at Carpenters, you have plenty of options for staying fit and fresh, from a fitness center with a personal trainer to a heated swimming pool. There’s something for everyone!

  1. Dining Deliciously and Healthfully

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a balanced diet, but staying on track can be challenging for some older individuals. While aging in place, poor nutrition is made worse by a lack of transportation, difficult meal management, and inadequate food knowledge. In retirement communities, culinary experts meet residents’ dietary restrictions and needs, providing them with essential daily nutrition with various dining options.

  1. Wellness Programming and Education
    While diet and exercise are key components of wellness, there’s much more to learn. Residents of senior living communities are often informed about the importance of healthy aging through wellness groups organized by the community itself. In retirement communities, teams offer wellness education sessions as the needs of residents change. With a variety of wellness programming offerings, older adults in communities can continue to nourish themselves thoughtfully.

    • Book club
    • Monthly health nights with health care speakers from the community
    • Monthly blood pressure clinics
    • Wellness Clinic and fairs
    • Bike club
  1. Lifelong Learning
    The process of learning outside the classroom leads to the development of new skills and interests. By encouraging seniors to explore their curiosity, lifelong learning programs help seniors keep their minds active. It’s not uncommon for senior living communities to offer creative writing courses or free time in a woodworking shop. In addition to providing seniors with important information, lifelong learning gives them the ability to manage their health. Some examples of lifelong learning courses at The Estates at Carpenters include:
  • Lifelong learning with collegiate educational events and Florida Southern College speakers
  • Art classes
  • Discussion groups
  • Computer classes
  1. Scheduled Social Calendars and Events
    Getting to know new people and discovering new hobbies are easy at a senior living community. Retirement communities organize many group outings throughout the year, with various activities available for residents to engage in, connect with, and seek fellowship with one another, which has been shown to relieve stress.
  2. Spiritual Programs and Services
    A community with values that align with yours can help you achieve spiritual wellness. With spiritual support available 24 hours a day in many senior living communities, residents can age well in a comforting environment. In senior living communities, pet therapy and meditation events encourage emotional expression and promote happiness. And on-site chaplain and worship services mean you’re never far from your spiritual center.

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