You’re Ready for a Retirement Community but Your Adult Children Aren’t

So you’re ready to move to a senior living community, but you’re not sure how to present the idea to your adult children. Here are some tips to help start the conversation without feeling anxious.

Sharing about a senior living community may not be greeted by your adult children with the same level of enthusiasm. Be mindful that they probably wonder if you can handle leaving the family home, moving to another part of the city or worry about care costs. Naturally, your children are looking out for your best interest and security. 

Often, the conversation leads to an open dialogue of your health and happiness, and that’s where The Estates at Carpenters can help begin the discussion about your move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Taking time to explain your ideal retirement lifestyle choices and identifying amenities, programs and activities that match your interests is a great way to start the conversation. 

Start the conversation early. 

Ideally, the conversation with your kids begins well before you throw a retirement party. As early as five years before you decide to retire, you can start bringing the kids into conversations about personal lifestyle, finances, future care, and important items like estate planning. 

Describe your lifestyle from your perspective. 

Having the ability to share your desires, hobbies, interests and a sense of community will engage your children to better understand why your choices are so important to you. 

A CCRC offers a variety of activities and events along with opportunities to volunteer or participate in lifelong learning programs. Share your intentions of sustaining a social, active lifestyle with activities you enjoy, whether it’s playing Mahjong, learning to paint, exercise in a heated pool, or singing in a choir. 

Sharing financial information will relieve stress and concerns.

In terms of finances, keeping your adult children aware of your monthly and annual income and expenses can help them ensure you obtain the best CCRC retirement plan. It will be easier for you and your family to plan the future when all this information is on the table. 

Managing health and care needs for the long term. 

How will you handle the transition if you or your spouse requires additional support in the future, such as assisted living or memory care? Would you like to stay in your current home or move to a Life Plan Community? The Estates at Carpenters provides peace of mind knowing the Health Center is available for you in the future. 

Discuss important estate planning information.
Be sure your children understand what you want them to do, now and in the future, and get an estate planning attorney involved sooner rather than later. Aside from finances, estate planning involves things like health care directives, powers of attorney, and living wills. You can rely on them to protect your assets, as well as to set up essential documents.

A Life Plan Community is the foundation of planned care. 

Among its many advantages, at a Life Plan Community residents enjoy a full continuum of care services as well as independent living options, all available on one campus. Independent living residents enjoy a full-service, carefree lifestyle with all the benefits and freedoms of retirement. When your adult children understand the happiness and support a CCRC can provide, they will be ready to walk this journey with you. 

Experience The Estates at Carpenters Lifestyle.

The Estates at Carpenters is a not-for-profit Life Plan Community, also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC offering independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care and rehabilitation. We provide a full continuum of care and a unique advantage to Winter Haven, Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando and surrounding Central Florida region retirees.  Contact us today to learn all about Uncompromised Retirement Living or schedule a tour so you can begin to see how your loved one could enjoy all the benefits of a Life Plan Community.

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