Our Favorite Free Online Word Games for Seniors

Playing word games is a great way to sharpen your mind while having a lot of fun. Analyzing different letters, forming words, or deciding your next move engages problem solving skills and your memory of all the words you know.

Whether you’re playing games like finding words in a word search, creating words from the letters in front of you, or answering clues to solve a crossword puzzle, you can find hours of entertainment playing popular word games that also benefit your brain.

The best part is you can find plenty of fun and free word games online and in the comfort of your own home. These word games are ideal for when you want engaging activities while you relax indoors. Take a look at these free online word games for seniors so you can get all the benefits of word games without having to spend a dime.

The Word Search

Word search is a popular type of game and you can easily find it online. The Word Search has all kinds of themed word search options. You can select from topics on television shows, movies, animals, and general ones. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars or famous bands, The Word Search has your topic covered.

They add new puzzles regularly, so you never have to worry about running out of word searches.

Word Finder

This game is similar to Boggle and will put your vocabulary to the test. With a screen of 7 rows and columns full of random letters, you have 2 minutes to create as many words as possible in Word Finder. You earn points with each word you create.

Each letter also has a number that factors into the word score; those letters are more valuable to your total score. See how many words you get and how many points you earn after the two-minute timer is done.

Word Puzzle

In Word Puzzle, you’re given a scrambled word, and you need to figure out the correct order of letters. You can choose word lengths of three letters to six, with a timer counting how long it takes you to complete the puzzle.

Word Game

Word Game provides you with letter tiles, and there are rows of empty boxes above your letters. You need to drag your mouse to form words until all the rows are filled above. So, if you have the letters “R A C” and have two three-letter rows above, you can play “CAR” and ARC.” This is a fun word game that can help you expand your vocabulary.

Daily Online Wordsearch

If you’re looking for a word game to incorporate into your morning routine, Daily Online Wordsearch is a fantastic option. This timed word search is a daily puzzle that renews each day.

Daily Online Wordsearch has a different theme and will have around 30 words for you to find. But don’t worry if you miss a day–the puzzles stay up so you can complete Monday’s puzzle on Tuesday morning, too.

Cryptogram Quotations

If you love decoding and solving a mysterious message, then Cryptogram Quotations is definitely the game for you. You’re provided with a phrase that’s in code, so it looks like a jumble of letters that don’t mean anything. You select one letter to solve for what letter it actually stands for.

Once you solve for the correct letter, then all spots with that letter will display in red on the cryptogram. For example, if “X” was the code for “T,” once you figured out that “T’ is the correct letter, then all places marked “X” will turn to “T,” making you a few steps closer to solving the cryptogram.

Words with Friends

Do you love word games, but most of all love playing with friends? Maybe Scrabble is one of your favorite games, but finding the time to organize a group to play doesn’t happen as often as you like. This is where Words with Friends can help you.

Words with Friends is a free application you can download to your mobile device or play on your computer. After selecting who you want to play, the game starts and is very similar to Scrabble. You have a random assortment of letters and need to form a word on the board. Certain places on the board have additional points, as do more difficult letters.

This is also a great way to stay connected with others. You can play with friends and family members – and if they’re taking a long time to play their next move, you can always send them a text so you can keep playing.

person playing wordle on their phoneWordle

Wordle is a daily puzzle where you have six chances to guess a five-letter word. Each row has five empty boxes. If you get the correct letter in the correct box, it will highlight as green. If you have a correct letter, but it’s not in the right spot, the box will be yellow. Incorrect letters will be gray. The keyboard beneath the game will also highlight the letters with their corresponding colors above.

This game is fun and challenging because it’s a random five-letter word each day. You also have to guess words, not letters, adding an extra layer of difficulty. Play each day to continue your winning streak.

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